Our vision is to provide innovative technology solutions for the communication and Broadcast industry. We are aspiring team of young engineers drawing strengths from expertise in system design, implementation of modern day digital systems for the  broadcast solutions provider by delivering exceptional service and unmatched quality. The audio video industry has transformed itself into multi discipline high tech combination of technologies. But over the years one thing has remained constant, Digisys commitment and dedication to serving our customer’s needs. We serve Hundreds of highly satisfied clients, yet we continue to value each, with the highest level of dedication and priority.

Our ultimate objective is to earn recognition as the benchmark of service excellence and satisfaction by contributing to client success and prosperity. We believe in providing highly personalized services and customised products that merges with individual culture of our clients. Our focus on long-term partnerships and 100% customer retention is a natural outcome of  having the most enthusiastic, flexible and professional talent in the industry.

Qualified and Systematic

As our customer you deserve the best the world can offer. At Digital System Solutions we firmly believe quality of performance can only be ensured by a team of qualified professionals bound by well defined system such as ISO 9000-2015. Digi-sys team strives to understands your specific needs, and provide  timely delivery of solutions to ensure success of your project. We follow simple steps with you to plan, coordinate, execute and verify. These efforts substantiate our pledge to perform all of our work in a reliable manner and to meet and exceed the time and quality expectations of our customer in a transparent manner.

Young and Experienced

When you put your trust in Digital System Solutions you are assured, your assignment is in the hands of experts of an organization that has been exceeding the expectations of customers since its founding in 2016. 
we offer the peace of mind, confidence, and reliability that only comes with experience and a commitment to customer satisfaction. The team at Digisys has combined experience of over two hundred years still the average age of employee is only 34 years, we call them “young and experienced“.

Comprehensive Solutions  Provider 

Digital System Solutions is sharp focused to provide comprehensive single point solutions for the pro audio Industry.  We offer solutions ranging supply of products to turn key projects. Our team  is specialists in digitization of  Radio broadcast networks, with  in house expertise available for HD Radio and DRM systems, in FM and AM both. We provide you right information and resources needed to make well educated decisions about which solution are best for you, and your project.

Our experts will be happy to work with you from conception to implementation, selection to commissioning, procuring to operating small or large Radio networks.

Value for money

At Digital System Solutions we Value every Dollar, while meeting our customers  very finest needs, either from our standard product or customized product to have these special features without any compromise. With DIGI-SYS almost all our products are intelligent products with many configurations available to customers in field to meet customers finest needs.

However our products can be ordered with many more fine variations to customer needs. These fine configurations are in addition to the ones available in a standard product and may need some hardware options. This precisely is unique in our product design and what our clients call it “value for money”.