General Detail:

DIGI-SYS ARAD-6D is a 1U rack-mount unit which produces an AES/EBU and Analogue audio output. Comprehensive input selection between balanced XLR or unbalanced BNC analog stereo input or up to 4 balanced AES/EBU Digital inputs or up to 2 SPDIF 75 ohms input signals. With provision for so many inputs the unit has two modes of operation, Auto mode and manual mode. In auto mode unit intelligently selects digital input no 1 on top priority and then in sequence, with decreasing priority  Digital input 2,3,4 SPDIF digital 1,2 & then Analog balanced and analog unbalanced. Output is always available in digital as well as analog formats. There are isolated 2 digital outputs on XLR connectors and 2 Digital SPDIF outputs on BNC connectors. There is only one pair of analog output on XLR connectors. There is provision of head phone output on front panel with volume control, for selected output.


The analogue inputs have left and right front panel analog level controls using pre-set potentiometer and additional digital control of ±20dB, through interactive control in 0.5 dB steps. The Interactive controls provide superb flexibility in optimizing signal chain. This unit can also work as AD converter and DA converter. Outputs are always available in Analog and digital Balanced form. The digital signal bit depth can be 16 or 24 bits. The large dynamic range can be optimized by microcontroller with full scale resolution. There is a failsafe bye pass relay for the main outputs.


DIGI-SYS ARAD-8 support digital input with the Sample Frequency range from 16 to 192 KHz. The unit as excellent audio performance and has analytical capabilities to decode errors in the incoming Digital signals. The unit has a LCD display which can display all incoming signal critical parameters such as sample rate, bit depth, professional/consumer format etc. etc. Outputs are always available in both Analogue and Digital form through head phone, Balanced XLR and unbalanced BNC.


DIGI-SYS ARAD-8 has excellent overall frequency response and very low distortion, which has been achieved by selectively mixing integrated circuits and discrete devices. Extremely low noise levels and phase matching exceeds all expectations. Digital input transformer with matched input receiver allows perfect recovery from week digital signals down to 100 mV.


Unique user interface through a graphical LCD and navigation controls provide unlimited configurations and fine level controls. The LCD display also acts as a bar graph display for the active input channel. The unit is housed in a 19” rack mount chassis with power connections as per IEC recommendation.


  • Adjustable Analog Gain ±20 dB 
  • Digital Gain control ±20 dB
  • Selectable Sample Rate up to 96K
  • Ultra Low Noise & Distortion
  • Excellent Frequency Response
  • Digital signal protocol analysis
  • High signal isolation (transformers)
  • LCD display with Interactive
  • controlsBar graph display analog levels

Technical Specification                                                                                          ARAD-6D

Digital Input

Digital input    

4x AES/EBU XLR F 3 pin, 2x S/PDIF BNC

Digital input sample rate

16 KHz to 216 KHz auto detect and displayed

Input lock range

±2% of standard sample rates.

Digital input signal resolution

Up to 24 bit

Digital input amplitude

200 mV min., 5 V PP max. (90 mV typical),

Digital input Impedance

110Ω balanced, 75Ω unbalanced


Analog Input

Analog input Stereo

2x XLR F (balanced), 2x BNC (unbalanced)

Input level

0dBu nom. +20dBu max.

Input impedance

>10kΩ balanced

Gain range

±20 dB analog,  ±20 dB digital


Analog Output

Analog output

2x XLR M 3 pin balanced (stereo)

Max output level

 24dBu active balanced, 18dBu unbalanced

Output impedance XLR out

<50Ω ( min load 600Ω)

Head phone Output

1x Head Phone Jack, Suitable for 32 Ω or higher

Frequency Response

±0.25dB (20Hz to 20KHz)

Signal to noise ratio

105 dB ( 0dBFS)

Channel matching

±0.25dB (20Hz to 20KHz)

Dynamic range





Digital Output

Digital output


Digital Output Impedance

110W Bal transformer isolated, 75W Unbalanced active

Sampling Frequency (ADC)

44.1KHz, 48KHz, 88.2KHz and 96KHz

Sampling Resolution

16 or 24 Bits




230 V ±10%, 50 Hz,  20VAMax

110 /230 V  ±10%, 50/60Hz  20VA Max (optional)

Size – HxWxD

44.5mm x 483mm x 203mm(1.75″X19″X8″)  19″ rack mount