General Description:

DIGI-SYS Pro Audio Monitoring is a perfect solution for professional audio level monitoring requirements in broadcast stations and production studios. The design of the unit can handle analog stereo signals as well as AES/EBU digital format audio signals with built in high quality D to A converter and associated circuits. All sample rates up to 192 KHz are supported and selected automatically. Digital signals support 16 to 24 Bit resolutions at all sample rates and is again automatically selected.

Built in three way digital crossover network is perfectly matched to the power full drivers. The current unit has predefined curves to cross match the drivers with bass boost support. The colour display with interactive GUI provides all the vital digital format parameters and also acts as a digitally controlled volume control.unit has a dedicated headphone monitoring with quarter inch jack. The unit has protections against short circuit, open circuit and R.F pick-ups and has a built-in regulated power supply.

The Unit have one stereo and two digital inputs and one SPDIF input also. The unit has only one knob on front panel which actually is a professional rotary encoder. In normal operation the display will be showing the input levels on the colour LCD display and rotating the knob will increase or decrease audio volume. While changing the volume display will automatically change to show you gain setting of the control. Adjust the volume according to comfortable listening by interactive control on the front. The input audio level will also be shown on the LCD display bar graph display.



Audio Inputs

 AES/EBU Digital 2 and 1 SPDIF or 1  Stereo  Analog

Input Level

0dBu +20dBu Max

Input Impedance

>20k ohm analog, 110 ohm Digital


>60dB typical

AES/EBU Sample Rate

32 to 192kHz processed without conversion


Front Panel Rotary Control with Inductive colour LCD


Output Level

 0dBu nominal into 600 ohm +18 dBu Max.

Output Impedance

 0.5 ohm

AES/EBU Sample Rate

same as input or  48kHz for analog input

Frequency Response Effective

<±0.5dB (20Hz to 20kHz)

Harmonic Distortion

<0.02%(1kHz, +8dBu Output)

Signal to Noise Ratio

>90 dB (Unweighted 22Hz-22KHz.)

Phase Difference


Protected Against

Short circuits, overload and over haet

Inter Output Loading


                  a) 1 Output Shorting

<0.1dB on Remaining Outputs

                  b) 3 Outputs Shorting

<0.3dB on Remaining Outputs

Inter-channel matching error

<0.5 dB

Inter-channel cross talk


Acoustics Response

40Hz-20KHz ±20dB

Acoustics Outputs

90dB SPL@1Mtr.


110/240V, 50/60Hz

Audio Modifiers


Reduces speaker audio level by 20 dB (Optional)

Cut L & Cut R

Mutes left/right speaker audio


Combines left & right audio inputs 

Phase Invert

Inverts  Phase of right audio inputs

Amplifiers Loudspeakers

driver Configuration

 Three –way Stereo Low/Mid & high-frequency Drivers

Power Outputs

15w Digital Amplifier x6


500Hz(3rd order Butterworth & 2.2kHz)

Distortion at LF outputs

<0.05% (100 Hz, 15W output)

Distortion at MF outputs

<0.05% (1 KHz. 15W output)

Distortion at HF outputs

<0.05% (10 KHz, 15W output)


More than  90 dB below full outputs

Volume Control

Interactive rotary control

Level Metering

Stereo Bar Graph

2.2 TFT 240X340 Colour LCD Display                 

Status Indicators


Indicates Loudspeakers Protection limit is active.


Indicates Internal digital clipping due to Over level.

Lock (PLL)

Indicates PLL  lock achieved on selected digital input.


Analog Audio Inputs

2 x XLR 3-Pin Female(Balanced, may be unbalanced)

Digital AES Audio Inputs                       

2 x XLR 3-Pin Female(Balance may be unbalanced)

 SPDIF Inputs

1 BNC 75 ohm unbalanced


1/4״(6.35mm) A-Gauge 3-pole stereo Jack Socket TRS Jack


Physical Dimensions

 1 U size     

19” Rack Mount

 19 “







    •  High Input Impedance for Analog input
    •  Active Balanced Impedance for Analog input
    •  Stereo Mode Operation
    •  32 KHz-192 KHz. Sample Rates Supported
    •  Sample Rates Selected Automatically
    •  16 to 24 Bits Resolution Auto selection
    •  Ultra Low Distortion
    •  Low Noise
    •  Low Cross-talk
    •  Excellent CMRR
    •  High Damping Factor
    •  Isolated Audio Ground
    •  Open Circuit Protected
    •  Short Circuit Protected 
    •  RF Pick up Protected
    •  Over Heat Protected
    •  Rack Mounting 1 U size
    •  SMPS Power Supply
    •  Alternate 24V DC
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